Takeuchi TL130 TL230 TL126 Idler

SKU: 880140000
Weight: 63 lbs

This is the aftermarket replacement tension idler pulley for a Takeuchi TL 130, TL 126, TL 230, TL 26-2, Gehl CTL 60, and Mustang MTL 16 compact track loader. This idler is interchangeable on all of these models.

Price: $336.32
Takeuchi TL130 TL230 TL126 Idler
Product Details

Tension Idler for Takeuchi, Gehl, Mustang Track Loaders

Aftermarket replacement tension idler for Takeuchi compact track loaders known originally as part number 08801-40000 from the factory. This same part number fits the GEHL CTL 60 as well as the Mustang MTL 16. This is the larger roller that is at the front of the undercarriage and extends for tensioning the rubber track when grease is pumped into the tensioner. The idler arrives as a complete direct replacement part with no further assembly required.

This idler is guaranteed to fit the following models:

  • Takeuchi TL 8
  • Takeuchi TL 26-2
  • Takeuchi TL 126
  • Takeuchi TL 130
  • Takeuchi TL 230
  • Gehl CTL 60
  • Mustang MTL 16

Takeuchi TL 130 idler location

The Takeuchi TL130 tension idler wheel is located to the front of the undercarriage closest to the bucket. After installation this is the roller that will tension the rubber track when you grease the tensioner. Make sure your track is tensioned properly daily. Idler wear can decrease the lifespan of your rubber track. See more parts diagram information for the Takeuchi TL130 parts locations.

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