Front Roller for Takeuchi TL140 TL150 TL10 TL12

SKU: 881131300
Weight: 94 lbs

Buy aftermarket replacement front rollers for your Takeuchi TL140, TL 150, TL 240, TL10, TL12, and TL 250 online at Pentom Parts and save money. This roller is also interchangeable with early model Gehl and Mustang track loaders.

Price: $399.99
Front Roller for Takeuchi TL140 TL150 TL10 TL12
Product Details

Replacement Takeuchi TL 140, TL 150 Front Roller

Aftermarket replacement front roller for several Takeuchi compact track loaders. This same part number fits the GEHL CTL 70 and CTL 80 as well as the Mustang MTL 20 and MTL 25. This is the larger roller that is actually in the rear of the machine under the sprocket. This part is commonly known as factory part number 08811-31300 and is designed to reuse the factory bolts for easy installation. The roller arrives as a complete direct replacement part with no further assembly required. One side of the mounting brackets are offset so if you are having trouble aligning the mounting holes flip the roller over for a flush mounting surface.

This roller is guaranteed to fit the following models:

  • Takeuchi TL 10
  • Takeuchi TL 12
  • Takeuchi TL 140
  • Takeuchi TL 150
  • Takeuchi TL 240
  • Takeuchi TL 250
  • Gehl CTL 70
  • Gehl CTL 80
  • Mustang MTL 20
  • Mustang MTL 25

Alternate Part Number:
Takeuchi dealer part number: 088111-31300
Gehl dealer part number: 181124

Alternate Model:
This roller is known to fit the Takeuchi TL10, TL12, TL140, TL150, TL240, and TL250
Gehl Models: CTL-70, CTL-80
Mustang Models: MTL-20, MTL-25

Alternate Part: There are no known alternate part listings for the full size Takeuchi track loaders, this front roller is guaranteed to fit.

Takeuchi front roller locationThe Takeuchi front roller parts are always very confusing because of their deceptive name. The front roller is actually in the rear of the machine under the sprocket. See the image with the blue arrow pointing to the location of this roller. For more information on parts locations please see the Takeuchi TL 150 parts diagram. .

Takeuchi TL140 and TL150 Series Undercarriage Parts

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