Rubber Tracks - Bobcat® T190 T180

SKU: MEPC-0499
Weight: 345 lbs

Buy aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for Bobcat® compact track loaders. This is the narrow, twelve and a half inch wide option and a sixteen inch wide option is also available.

Price: $714.00
Rubber Tracks - Bobcat® T190 T180
Product Details

This is the optional staggered block tread pattern aftermarket replacement rubber track for Bobcat® compact track loaders. The tread pattern shown is the actual tread pattern you will receive. This is our staggered block tread pattern for maximum floatation in general use applications. The track is twelve and a half inches wide designed to replace original Bridgestone and Bobcat® number: 6680161. This rubber track is guaranteed to fit models:

  • Bobcat® T190
  • Bobcat® T180
  • Bobcat® T550
  • Bobcat® T590
  • Bobcat® T595

This track comes with a standard one year pro-rated warranty against manufacturer defects.

There is also a sixteen inch wide rubber track option T190 Track Loader

Other tread patterns may be available for your Bobcat® T190 track loader so please call if you have specific needs or any questions we can answer for you.

Alternate Part Number: Alternate dealer part number: 6680161 6989140, 6988318, 6988838, and 7028223 from EarthForce
Alternate Part Style:We stock the T-190 tracks in an offset C-Pad tread pattern, and we stock the T-190 track in a sixteen inch wide option also.
Combo PackageSave more by purchasing Bobcat® Rubber Tracks and Sprockets packaged as a combo price. Rubber tracks and sprockets should always be changed at the same time for maximum lifespan.

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