GEHL CTL 70 Sprocket

SKU: 182792
Weight: 56 lbs

Replacement aftermarket drive sprocket for the GEHL CTL 70 compact track loader. (double check your serial number)

Price: $179.00
GEHL CTL 70 Sprocket
Product Details

Replacement aftermarket drive sprocket for the GEHL CTL 70 compact track loader. This sprocket only fits the GEHL CTL 70 if your serial number is less than 1390. This sprocket is also interchangeable with the Takeuchi and Mustang track loaders. The difference is in the diameter of the mounting hole. If you are not certain of your serial number please submit the diameter of your mounting hole prior to ordering. It should measure 7 7/8 inches for this sprocket. The total diameter of the sprocket tooth to tooth is 18 1/2 inches, 9 bolt holes, and 14 teeth. The drive motor hole diameter is 7 3/4 inches. It is 1 7/8 inches wide at the base of the tooth.

Alternate Part Number:Takeuchi dealer part number: 08821-60010. Gehl dealer part number: 182792
Alternate Model:The 08821-60010 and 182792 sprocket is known to fit the the Takeuchi TL140 if your serial number is lower than 21402001, and the Gehl CTL 70 if your serial number is below serial number 1390.
Alternate Part: The 08811-60110 part is an option for your TL140 above 21402001 and Gehl CTL70 serial numbers above 1390.
Combo Package:Save more by purchasing Takeuchi TL140 and Gehl CTL 70 rubber track and sprocket combo packaged as a combo price for convenience and additional savings.

See our YouTube video for measuring TL140 TL150 Sprockets

Gehl CTL70 sprocket locationThe Gehl CTL70 drive sprocket is located at the top of the undercarriage to the rear of the machine. The sprocket bolts to the drive motor with nine bolts (hardware not included). The complete Takeuchi TL 150 undercarriage diagram can help you locate each undercarriage part you need to replace.