Rubber Tracks for ASV RC50 and RC60

SKU: 0702-006TF
Weight: 185 lbs

Aftermarket rubber tracks now available online for ASV multi terrain loader machines. We have optional tread patterns available. Please call for details or any questions you may have.

Price: $999.99
Rubber Tracks for ASV RC50 and RC60
Product Details
Buy aftermarket rubber tracks for PosiTrac, and ASV machines online at Pentom Parts. This is the turf friendly version offered for residential and finish work construction sites. This track is a straight bar pattern resembling the original track from the dealership. It is a non metal core track with 42 links. This rubber track is guaranteed to fit models:
  • ASV RC-50 (part number 0702-006)
  • ASV RC-60 (part number 0702-006)
  • ASV RT-50
  • ASV RT-60
  • Terex PT50
  • Terex PT60
  • Terex ST50
This is the track you need if you are operating in sensitive landscaping areas and need to avoid damaging the turf.
Call us today at 1-800-719-4160 or order online and save time and money.
Alternate Part Number:ASV and Terex dealer part number: 0702-006, 325-8624-TF
Alternate Model:The 0702-006 is very similar to the original tread design guaranteed to replace the rubber tracks on the ASV RC50 and RC60 as well as the Terex PT50, PT60, and ST50.
Alternate Tread:This track is available in an aggressive tread pattern under part number: 0702-006-AG