Bobcat CTL Front Idler

SKU: 6732902AM
Weight: 90 lbs

This is the aftermarket front tension idler for the Bobcat T-300 series track loaders.

Price: $289.99
Bobcat CTL Front Idler
Product Details

Replacement Bobcat® Undercarriage Parts:

This is the replacement front tension idler for most Bobcat® brand compact track loaders. This is a direct factory replacement part with no further assembly or hardware required for easy installation.

This tension idler is guaranteed to fit the Bobcat® CTL models:

  • Bobcat T140
  • Bobcat T180
  • Bobcat T190
  • Bobcat T200
  • Bobcat T250
  • Bobcat T300
  • Bobcat T320
  • Bobcat T630
  • Bobcat T650
  • Bobcat T730
  • Bobcat T770
  • Bobcat 864
    This part is also known as Bobcat® part numbers 6686633, 6693237, and 6686903. The idler bolts directly to the tensioner or track adjuster to tighten the rubber track. If your tensioner is fully extended and there is still slack in the rubber track then replacing the worn tension idler is likely the problem. Maintaining the undercarriage parts and replacing worn parts will increase the life of the rubber track and prevent de-tracking. It is always suggested to inspect your undercarriage daily and replace worn items at the same time to maximize the lifespan of your undercarriage.


    Bobcat Front Roller 6732902There is one tension idler per side of each Bobcat compact track loader. 


    Alternate Part Number: Alternate dealer part number: 6686633, 6693237, and 6686903

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