Aftermarket Sprocket - Bobcat® T200 864

SKU: 6715821AM
Weight: 85 lbs

Buy aftermarket replacement drive sprockets for the Bobcat® compact track loaders online at Pentom Parts. T200, T300, T250, 864. This is the older, shallow version of the drive sprocket that has a total depth of four and a half inches.

Price: $239.00
Aftermarket Sprocket - Bobcat® T200 864
Product Details

This is the aftermarket replacement drive sprocket for the Bobcat® compact track loaders.

This sprocket is the original sprocket for the following models:

  • Bobcat T200
  • Bobcat T250
  • Bobcat T300
  • Bobcat 864
Sprocket Specs:
  • 6 Bolt Holes
  • 17 Teeth
  • Inside Diameter: 6 1/4"
  • Outside Diameter: 18 7/8"
  • Depth: 4 5/8"
If you have updated your drive motor then you need part number 7107787. If your machine is newer then you may also have the 7107787, please include your serial number and width of your sprocket at the time of ordering.

Not sure how to measure your T300 Sprockets to determine which one you need? Feel free to call for all of your Bobcat® maintenance parts questions and we will guide you to the right part and take your order over the phone

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