Rubber Track for IHI 35NX Cat 303CCR

Weight: 287 lbs

Buy aftermarket rubber tracks for IHI 35NX, and Caterpillar 303C CR online at Pentom Parts. Shop online with confidence because we guarantee fit and our experienced sales staff is waiting for your call if you have any questions.

Price: $742.42
Rubber Track for IHI 35NX Cat 303CCR
Product Details

Aftermarket Rubber Track for IHI 35NX and 35JX. This track is twelve and a half inches (300 mm) wide. Please confirm the number of metal links down the center of your track, but this track is guaranteed to fit the Caterpillar 303C CR mini excavator that is designed to replace Cat part: 263-9250. Also known to fit the Cat 303.5C CR part number 263-9262.

We stand behind all of our products at Pentom Parts and we offer the highest quality replacement parts available. Our tracks are made at the most technologically advanced factories using the most optimal, cut-resistant rubber compounds to provide long standing value in our aftermarket parts line.

This track is also known to fit the following machines:
  • IHI CCH 30 T Crane
  • IHI IS 35 UJ
  • IHI IS 38 UJ
  • IHI IS 40z
This track also fits most of the IMER and Sumitomo 35 and 40 series mini excavators.