Cat 303CCR 303.5CCR Idler

SKU: 267-4829
Weight: 47 lbs

Buy aftermarket tension idlers for the Caterpillar 303CCR and 303.5CCR mini excavators online and save versus buying from your local dealer.

Price: $450.76
Cat 303CCR 303.5CCR  Idler
Cat 303CCR 303.5CCR Idler
Product Details

This is the replacement aftermarket tension idler for the following Caterpillar mini excavators:

  • 303.5ECR
  • 304E2CR
  • 303CCR
  • 304DCR
  • 304ECR
  • 303.5CCR
  • 303.5DCR
  • 303.5E2CR


The tension idler installs on the opposite end of the undercarriage from the sprocket and this is the part that expands out as you pump the grease in the tensioner to tighten the rubber track. Some people refer to this larger roller as the pulley.

We carry the full undercarriage for your Cat 303 CCR!