Kubota KX 41-2 Rubber Tracks

SKU: MEP-201
Weight: 121 lbs
Buy premium aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for Kubota KX 41-2 mini excavators online at Pentom Parts.

Kubota KX 41 Tracks

Price: $169.00
Kubota KX 41-2 Rubber Tracks
Product Details
This aftermarket replacement rubber track is a guaranteed fit for Kubota KX 41-2 mini excavators. This track is nine inches (230 mm) wide with thirty forged steel guide links down the center of the track where the sprocket rotates. It is possible that your track has sixty forged links down the center of the track and this track will work for your machine. Give us a call and we can explain the difference in the pitch and number of links for your. This track also fits the following machines:
  • Case CK 13
  • Case CK 15
  • Kubota K013
  • Kubota K015
  • Kubota KH 012 (must verify size)
  • Kubota KH 41 (must verify size)
  • Kubota KN 36
  • Kubota KX12
  • Kubota KX 012
  • Kubota KX 014
  • Kubota KX 041
  • Kubota KX36
  • Kubota KX 36-2 (must verify size)
  • Kubota KX 41
  • Kubota KX 41-2
  • Kubota KX 41L

Rubber tracks are sold individually, call for bulk or package pricing availability. Our Kubota aftermarket tracks are backed by a one year factory warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Pentom Parts now stocks the replacement sprockets for the Kubota KX41, KX 41-2 and Case CK13, CK15 mini excavators.