Kubota KX 36 KX 41 Case CK13 CK15 Sprockets

SKU: 68198-14430
Weight: 12 lbs

Buy aftermarket Case and Kubota mini excavator sprockets online at Pentom Parts. KX 41, KX 41-2, KX36, KX 36-2, CK 15, CK 13.

Price: $125.00
Kubota KX 36 KX 41 Case CK13 CK15 Sprockets
Product Details
This is the aftermarket drive sprocket for Kubota and Case mini excavators. The inside diameter of the mounting hole is 5 1/2" across. The outside diameter from tooth tip to tooth tip is 11 3/8". There are 8 bolt holes to mount to your drive motor, and 19 teeth. This sprocket is designed to fit the following machines:
  • Kubota KX 36
  • Kubota KX 36-2
  • Kubota KX 41
  • Kubota KX 41-2
  • Case CK13
  • Case CK15
Alternate Part Number:Kubota dealer part number: 68198-14430
Alternate Model:The 68198-14430 roller is known to fit the Kubota KX36, KX41 models in addition to the Case CK13 and CK15 models.
Alternate Part:There are no known alternate part listings for these mini excavators, this sprocket is guaranteed to fit.