Yanmar VIO30-1 VIO35 B30v Rubber Track

SKU: MEP-55582Y
Weight: 349 lbs

Buy aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for your Yanmar mini excavators online at Pentom Parts and save money. Do not get stuck with a generic gray market cross over part from a track company that does not have the experience required to properly equip your Yanmar needs.

Price: $690.98
Yanmar VIO30-1 VIO35 B30v Rubber Track
Product Details
This is the premium aftermarket replacement rubber track for Yanmar mini excavator models:
  • Yanmar B 30v
  • Yanmar B 37-2B
  • Yanmar B 37v
  • Yanmar B 37vcr
  • Yanmar VIO 30-1
  • Yanmar VIO35
  • Yanmar VIO35-3
  • Yanmar VIO35-5
Yanmar VIO 35 rubber tracks

This is an offset track as you can see in the picture the links are not down the center of the track as on most mini excavators. Please verify before ordering that the track is almost twelve inches (300 mm) wide with eighty two metal embedded links around the track where the sprocket engages to rotate the track.