John Deere 17zts Cat 301.6c Rubber Track

SKU: MEP-206
Weight: 142 lbs

Buy aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for Kubota KX 41-3v, Cat 301.6c, John Deere 17zts, and Hitachi 17U online at Pentom Parts and save money.

John Deere 17zts Tracks

Price: $240.00
John Deere 17zts Cat 301.6c Rubber Track
Product Details
This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track for Kubota KX 41-3v mini excavator. This track is nine inches (230 mm) wide but please verify the number of metal links down the center. Please verify the number of metal links prior to ordering.
This track is also designed to fit the following models:
  • Hitachi EX 17U
  • Hitachi Zaxis ZX 17U
  • Hitachi Zaxis ZX 17U-2
  • Hitachi ZX 17U-5N
  • Takeuchi 15FR
  • Cat 301.8C (Caterpillar 231-1911 replacement)
  • Cat 301.6c (Caterpillar 231-1911 replacement)
  • Doosan Solar 018
  • IHI 15NX and 15 VX
  • IHI IS 17 VXE
  • IHI IS 17 VX-3
  • IHI IS 18J
  • Komatsu PC 15MR
  • Kubota KX 41-3V (Kubota Part Number: RB238-22311)
  • John Deere 17zts (John Deere replacement number 2031811)
  • John Deere 17D (must be short pitch version)

This track comes in short pitch and long pitch options so you might have thirty five metal embedded links down the center of the track or seventy forged steel links down the center where the sprocket rotates just depending on which pitch type you have. Our trained sales specialist will be glad to help you with any questions about the size you need for your machine.

We often stock this track in alternate tread patterns. If tread pattern is a priority for you please check in advance and we can verify alternate tread pattern options like the one pictured here.