Kubota KX 161-3 Drive Sprocket

SKU: RD411-14432
Weight: 40 lbs

Kubota KX 161-3 drive sprockets are available on sale individually at Pentom Parts. This sprocket is also known to replace the original sprocket for the Kubota U45-3, U55-4 and KX 057-4 mini excavators.

Price: $169.99
Kubota KX 161-3 Drive Sprocket
Product Details

This is the replacement aftermarket drive sprocket for the Kubota KX 161-3 mini excavator. The diameter of the sprocket from tooth tip to tooth tip is 16 7/8 inches (new). There are nine mounting bolt holes, and nineteen drive teeth. The center drive motor mounting hole is nine inches in diameter. The base of the tooth is the widest part of the sprocket 1 11/16 inches. We always encourage users to change drive sprockets at the same time they change their rubber tracks to maximize the lifespan of the parts and reduce any premature wear of either part. If you double check your measurements this sprocket is likely your replacement for Kubota U45-3, U55-4 and KX057-4. Double check the measurements prior to ordering.

Alternate Part Number:Kubota dealer part number: RD411-14432
Alternate Model:The RD411-14432 sprocket is known to fit the Kubota U45-3, and U55-4, and KX057-4 models in addition to the KX161-3. Please call to verify prior to ordering for these models.
Alternate Part:There are no known alternate part listings for the KX161-3 mini excavator, this drive sprocket is guaranteed to fit.
Combo Package:Save more by purchasing Kubota KX161-3 complete undercarriage packaged as a combo price.

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