Rubber Track OEM Case CX27B Kobelco SK 27

Weight: 200 lbs

This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track for Kobelco equipment and Case mini excavators.

Price: $520.00
Rubber Track OEM Case CX27B Kobelco SK 27
Product Details

Buy your aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for Case CX 27B, CX 30B, and Kobelco SK 27 mini excavators. The tracks are nine and three-quarter inches (250 mm) wide with eighty metal links down the center. This is the original track size for the Case CX 27B which is more narrow than other options on the market.This track may also fit your Case CX 30C if you confirm size. Please call if you have any questions.

This track fits the following models:

  • Case CX 27B
  • Case CX 30B
  • Kobelco SK27
  • Kobelco SK27 FR-3
  • Kobelco SK27 SR-3
  • Kobelco SK27 SR-5