Ditch Witch JT2720 Mach I and JT3020 Rubber Track

Weight: 311 lbs

This is the replacement Ditch Witch JT30, JT2720 and JT3020 rubber track option, read the details below for more information.

Price: $764.00
Ditch Witch JT2720 Mach I and JT3020 Rubber Track
Product Details

This replacement rubber track is designed to fit the Ditch Witch JT 30 in addition to other Jet Track and HDD drilling machines.
Buy this aftermarket rubber track for your Ditch Witch JT 2720 Mach I and JT 3020 drilling machines online at Pentom Parts and save money. This track is 300 mm wide (almost twelve inches) and has ninety eight metal links down the center. The actual tread pattern is shown in the picture but if tread pattern matters for your application please specify.
This is generally the size for machines made in 2003 or later

Ditch Witch JT30 Tracks Some Ditch Witch models come with 92 links, please verify prior to ordering The 92 link option is part number MEP-411A

This track also replaces the original track size for the Komplet DST1020 concrete machine.