Aftermarket Rear Idler for Bobcat® Track Loaders

SKU: 6732903AM
Weight: 58 lbs

Buy aftermarket replacement Bobcat® undercarriage parts and save. This is the rear idler that fits most of the Bobcat® compact track loaders including the following models: T180, T190, T200, T250, T300, T630, T650, T730,T750, T770, and 864 solid mount undercarriage systems.

Price: $233.45
Aftermarket Rear Idler for Bobcat<sup>®</sup> Track Loaders
Aftermarket Rear Idler for Bobcat® Track Loaders
Product Details

This is an aftermarket replacement Bobcat® undercarriage rear idler. This is the larger roller under the sprocket known as the rear idler wheel for most Bobcat ® compact track loaders.
This idler is guaranteed to fit the following Bobcat CTL models:

  • Bobcat T140
  • Bobcat T180
  • Bobcat T190
  • Bobcat T200
  • Bobcat T250
  • Bobcat T300
  • Bobcat T320
  • Bobcat T630 (will not work for suspension mount version)
  • Bobcat T650 (will not work for suspension mount version)
  • Bobcat T730
  • Bobcat T770
  • Bobcat 864
Also known under Bobcat® part numbers 6686635 and 6686904. This is a direct replacement part that uses the original factory bolts with no further assembly or hardware required. Refer to the Bobcat T300 parts diagram for more details about the installation location of this idler.


Please verify whether your undercarriage is a solid mount or a suspension mount system to ensure the parts will work on your machine. 

bobcat idler 6732903We keep plenty of these idlers in stock for same day pick up, or same day shipping across the USA and Canada. There is one rear idler per side on the Bobcat compact track loaders.

Alternate Part Number: Dealer part number: 6686635 and 6686904
Alternate Part Style: We carry this rear idler from more than one factory so the picture may vary slightly from what is received but we guarantee fit and back our parts by the best warranty coverage in the industry.

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