Rubber Track for Kubota U35 Series

SKU: MEP-407B2
Weight: 340 lbs

Buy replacement rubber tracks exclusively designed for Kubota U35 mini excavators online at Pentom Parts.

Kubota U35 tracks
Price: $739.00
Rubber Track for Kubota U35 Series
Product Details

This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track for the Kubota U35 series mini excavators. This includes the U35-3, U35 HG, U35R1-3, U35-4

The track is twelve and a half inches (300 mm) wide like many of the make and models on the market today but the engineering of this track makes it unique. You can rely on our experienced staff to know the difference, and why this track is the track you need for your Kubota instead of a generic attempted cross over track that most dealerships will send you.

This track is specifically designed for the guiding system details that make these specific Kubota models unique. This rubber track is not interchangeable with any other make or model.

We stand behind all of our products at Pentom Parts and we offer the highest quality replacement parts available. Our tracks are made at the most technologically advanced factories using the most optimal, cut-resistant rubber compounds to provide long standing value in our aftermarket parts line.