Steel Track Group with Rubber Pads for Bobcat x337, Deere 50

SKU: MEP135-56-400-39L
Weight: 1720 lbs

Replace your stock rubber tracks with steel tracks and pads for more versatile applications.

List Price: $5,365.00
Price: $3,699.88
Steel Track Group with Rubber Pads for Bobcat x337, Deere 50
Product Details

Aftermarket replacement steel track group designed to replace your original stock rubber tracks from the manufacturer. These steel track assemblies come fully built but typically bolt-on rubber pads do not come installed. Designed to simply unroll the track group, wrap around the undercarriage and insert the link pin. If you do not have steel track experience please contact your mechanic prior to purchasing as steel track installation requires special tools to insert the pins.
Prices are per set, and include a fully assembled steel track group with bolt-on rubber pads ready to install if needed. These tracks are versatile and can take your machine into terrain never thought possible with a standard rubber track. Although the initial cost is higher, the track lasts considerably longer than a standard rubber track, and is rebuildable in individual segments if any localized damage occurs. Simply unbolt the damaged segments and replace them. You can't do that with a standard rubber track. If you get your Bobcat 337 or John Deere 50 mini excavator into more rugged terrain then this is the replacement track for you!

Tracks guaranteed to fit the following models with no other undercarriage parts modification:

  • Bobcat x337
  • John Deere 50D
  • John Deere 50zts