Drive Sprocket for John Deere 27C and 27-ZTS

SKU: 2043505
Weight: 14 lbs

Buy John Deere 27c and 27zts replacement drive sprockets online at Pentom Parts today and save time and money versus going to the local dealer.

Price: $89.00
Drive Sprocket for John Deere 27C and 27-ZTS
Product Details

This is the premium aftermarket replacement drive sprocket for John Deere mini excavator models 27C and 27ZTS.

Sprocket specifications:

  • 20 Teeth
  • 9 Bolt Holes
  • Inside Diameter: 7 3/8"
  • Outside Diameter: 13 3/8"

Alternate Part Number: John Deere dealer part number: 2043505
Alternate Model Number:
The 2043505 drive sprocket is known to fit the John Deere 27C and 27 ZTS.
Alternate Part:
There are no known alternate part numbers for these machines, this sprocket is guaranteed to fit these applications.

We also stock optional rubber track sizes for the John Deere 27S and 27ZTS models. Many machine owners like the John Deere 27ZTS narrow 12" rubber track simply for the price savings, but Pentom Supply stocks the OEM size with John Deere specifications with the 12.5" wide rubber tracks. We are currently offering pricing promotions on the John Deere 27zts original size tracks to encourage users to use the appropriate sizing instead of cutting corners to save a few dollars.

John Deere 27 C ZTS Undercarriage