Aftermarket Idler John Deere 27C 26G

SKU: 9132562
Weight: 48 lbs
Buy aftermarket replacement idlers for John Deere 27C and 26G mini excavators online at Pentom Supply and save money!
Price: $469.64
Aftermarket Idler John Deere 27C 26G
Aftermarket Idler John Deere 27C 26G
Product Details
This is the aftermarket replacement idler for the following John Deere mini excavator models:
  • John Deere 27C
  • John Deere 27 ZTS
  • John Deere 26G
The idlers guide the track in and out of the track rollers and provide a way to control track slack and tension.

This idler comes fully assembled with the bearing ready for installation. We also carry other undercarriage parts for your  John Deere 27C model including the sprocket, bottom roller, and top roller. 

Alternate Part Number: 9314257

John Deere 27 C ZTS Undercarriage