Aftermarket Caterpillar 304.5 Idler

SKU: 240-6304
Weight: 88 lbs

Buy the aftermarket Caterpillar 304.5, 305.5 replacement tension idler assembly online at Pentom Parts and save time and money. This is a complete replacement idler fully assembled.

Price: $369.00
Aftermarket Caterpillar 304.5 Idler
Product Details

This is the aftermarket replacement tension idler designed for the following Caterpillar® mini excavators: 

  • Caterpillar® 304
  • Caterpillar® 304CR
  • Caterpillar® 304.5
  • Caterpillar® 305
  • Caterpillar® 305.5
  • Caterpillar® 305.5E
  • Caterpillar® 305CR
  • Caterpillar® 306
  • Caterpillar® 306E

This is the larger idler roller on the opposite end of the undercarriage from the sprocket. There are two idlers per machine, one on each side.

Pentom Supply now carries the complete undercarriage for the Caterpillar® 304.5 mini excavator including the rubber tracks.

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