Kubota KX161-2 Bottom Roller

SKU: RD301-21700
Weight: 26 lbs
Buy aftermarket bottom rollers for your Kubota KX 161-2 mini excavator online at Pentom Parts and save money on your maintenance budget.
Price: $99.00
Kubota KX161-2 Bottom Roller
Product Details

This is the aftermarket replacement bottom roller for a Kubota KX 161-2 mini excavator.

This roller fits serial numbers 10864 and up.


Alternate Part Number: Kubota dealer part number: RD301-21700
Alternate Model: The RD301-21700 roller is not known to fit any other models.
Alternate Part:
The Kubota KX161-2 has roller options. RD401-99900 is the roller option for KX 161-2 with serial numbers up to 10863.

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