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Rubber Tracks for Kubota KX 61-2 and Airman

SKU: RT100403A
Weight: 249 lbs
Aftermarket replacement rubber track known as RC101-22313 for a Kubota KX 61-2 mini excavator. Rubber tracks and undercarriage parts come with free shipping when you place your order online and ship to a commercial address. *Restrictions Apply
Price: $1,135.00
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Kubota KX 61-2 Rubber Tracks
Rubber Tracks for Kubota KX 61-2 and Airman

New undercarriage parts and rubber tracks are sold individually but we suggest replacing all of your worn parts at the same time.

This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track for a Kubota KX 61-2 mini excavator known as part number RC101-22313 from the dealer. This track is also designed to replace the original rubber tracks on the Airman AX 25 series. This track is almost twelve inches (300mm) wide with seventy-six forged steel guide links down the center. We always suggest evaluating your sprocket wear when changing your rubber tracks as tracks and sprockets generally wear together and replacing them both at the same time will maximize the lifespan of your rubber track. Please email us or give us a call if you have any questions.

Kubota KX 61-2 Steel Construction Parts

Alternate Part Number: Kubota dealer part number: RC101-22313
Alternate Model: This track is interchangeable with the following models:
  • Airman AX 25
  • Airman AX25-1
  • Airman AX25-2
  • Case CX 26B (confirm size)
  • Case CX 26C (confirm size)
  • Daewoo Solar 030
  • Kubota KH026G
  • Kubota KH027
  • Kubota KH027G
  • Kubota KH060
  • Kubota KH02
  • Kubota KH02HG
  • Kubota KH24
  • Kubota KH24HG
  • Kubota KH26HG
Alternate Part: This track is interchangeable on many Hitachi brand mini excavators located under cross reference part number: HITACHI-403A
Quality is Guaranteed:

We guarantee customer satisfaction. If you receive the track and it is not up to your expectations then we can return it for you and deliver on our promise. Our factories use non-recycled rubber compounds and forged metal drive links that are engineered for long-lasting service in demanding conditions. We are a customer-focused business and we are ready to serve you today!

Kubota KX 61-2 Sprocket
68318-14430 Sprocket
Kubota KX61-2 Bottom Roller
RC101-21803 Bottom Roller
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