Yanmar VIO50-1 B6-3 Aftermarket Final Drive

SKU: 172425-73300
Weight: 160 lbs
Buy your Yanmar VIO50-1 and B6-3 Aftermarket Final Drive at Pentom!
Price: $3,477.50
Yanmar VIO50-1 B6-3 Aftermarket Final Drive
Product Details
Aftermarket Final Drive for Yanmar VIO50-1 and B6-3. This drive comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Please provide the information from the tag on your hydraulic lines provided by the original manufacturer as well as your machine’s serial number. This travel motor does not include the drive sprocket. All final drives are shipped via freight carrier to ensure proper handling of your drive. Some drives speed may vary slightly if you are only changing an individual motor at one time. If you have a similarly marked machine that is not an exact part number match please give us a call so we can assist you with you drive search to ensure proper fitment for your machine.
If you complete your drive motor purchase online and do not list a serial number or tag information, you are assuming a liability and will be responsible for all return shipping.