Volvo EC 55 Aftermarket Rubber Track

Weight: 600 lbs 1 ozs

Buy aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for Volvo, JCB, and Gehl mini excavators online at Pentom Supply.

Price: $1,238.99
Gehl JCB and Volvo Rubber Tracks
Volvo EC 55 Aftermarket Rubber Track
Product Details

This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track for several mini excavators and is interchangeable with some Gehl, JCB and Volvo construction equipment. The tread pattern shown is the actual tread pattern you will receive in general but other tread patterns are available upon request. The track is sixteen inches (400 mm) wide with seventy four forged steel metal embedded links down the center of the track where the sprocket rotates the track.

Alternate Part Number: This part is also known as Pentom Part Number MEP-019B as a cross reference to the additional interchangeable makes and models.
Alternate Model: This rubber track is guaranteed to fit models:
  • IHI 55N-4
  • IHI 55V-4
  • IHI 60V-4
Alternate Part: There are no known alternate part listings for these models, the rubber track is guaranteed to fit.

Our rubber tracks are backed by a one year warranty from the factory against any manufacturer defects.