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Rubber Pads Caterpillar Sumitomo Steel Tracks

Weight: 8 lbs
Replacement hybrid style bolt on rubber pads for steel tracks on the Caterpillar Link Belt and Sumitomo excavators. This 500mm (almost twenty inches) wide pad fits a variety of manufacturers full size excavator models. Simple installation with the hook and bolt type pad reduces installation time. Protect the streets from steel track damage by using bolt on rubber pads.
Price: $80.00
Bolt-on Rubber Pad for Cat 311 312 313
Rubber Pads Caterpillar Sumitomo Steel Tracks
Product Details

Bolt-On Rubber Pads for Caterpillar & Sumitomo Excavator Steel Tracks

We supply heavy-duty replacement rubber pads for steel track groups. The replacement pads are priced individually. These pads are designed to fit steel tracks for the following models:

  • Cat® 311 (500mm)
  • Cat® 311F (500mm)
  • Cat® 312 (500mm)
  • Cat® 312C (500mm)
  • Cat® 312D (500mm)
  • Cat® 312D L (500mm)
  • Cat® 312E (500mm)
  • Cat® 312E L (500mm)
  • Cat® 312 (500mm)
  • Cat® 313F L GC (500mm)
  • Cat® 313 (500mm)
  • Cat® 314C (500mm)
  • Cat® 314D (500mm)
  • Cat® 314D LCR (500mm)
  • Cat® 314E (500mm)
  • Cat® 315F L (500mm)
  • Cat® 315 NEXT GEN (500mm)
  • Sumitomo SH100-1
  • Sumitomo SH100-2
  • Sumitomo SH120-1
  • Sumitomo SH120-2
  • Sumitomo SH120-3
  • Sumitomo SH125X-3
  • Sumitomo SH125XU-3
  • Sumitomo SH135X-3
  • Link Belt 130LX (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130LX LC (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130x2 (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130x2LC (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130x3 (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130x3LC (500mm)
  • Link Belt 130X4 (500mm)
  • Link Belt 135 SPIN-ACE (500mm)
  • Link Belt 145X3 SPIN-ACE (500mm)
  • Link Belt 145X3 LC SPIN-ACE (500mm)
  • Link Belt 145X4 SPIN-ACE (500mm)

The bolt on pads are the same width as your steel track so the steel track grouser will not stick out further and create side impact damage. The hybrid version of the bolt on rubber pad installs by simply hook on to one side and bolt on the opposite edge with two bolts which creates a strong long term solution to protecting the streets if you have common jobs on residential areas and streets. These are designed for simple installation with faster results by using fewer bolts. If you are looking for a temporary solution that you can install and remove easily you may be interested in our clip on style rubber pads. Give us a call and we can find the best fit for your machine and application.