Kubota SVL 75 SVL 90 Rear Idler

SKU: V0511-24103
Weight: 78 lbs
This is the aftermarket tension idler for the Kubota SVL 75 and SVL 90 track loader. This is the larger wheel at the rear of the undercarriage just below the sprocket.
Price: $385.19
V0511-24103 Kubota SVL Idler
Kubota SVL 75 SVL 90 Rear Idler
Product Details

This is the aftermarket rear idler for the following compact track loader models:

  • Kubota SVL 75
  • Kubota SVL 75-2
  • Kubota SVL 90
  • Kubota SVL 90C
  • Kubota SVL 90-2
  • Kubota SVL 90-2C
  • Kubota SVL 95-2

This is the larger roller at the rear of the undercarriage below the sprocket. There is one rear idler per side on the SVL machine.

This idler is long lasting but you should evaluate replacing the idler when you replace the sprocket. A worn out idler wheel can cause a track to lose tension and de track causing significant damage to the track and undercarriage. It is easy to install if the track is already off during maintenance of the other parts.

Alternate Part Number:
Kubota dealer part number: V0511-24103, V0521-24900

Alternate Models:
Kubota SVL: 75, 75-2, 90, 90C, 90-2, 90-2C, 95-2

Alternate Part: There are no known alternate part listings. This idler is guaranteed to fit.

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