Kubota KX91-3 KX71-3 U35-3 Lower Roller

SKU: RB511-21702
Weight: 16 lbs
Kubota KX 91-3 KX 71-3 and U-25 lower track rollers are now available at Rubbertrax. Order online and we will ship these RB511-21702 rollers directly to your door. Save time and money by shopping for your undercarriage parts online.
Price: $235.00
RB511-21702 Kubota Rollers
Kubota KX91-3 KX71-3 U35-3 Lower Roller
Product Details

Kubota RB511-21702 for KX91-3, U25, U30, U35-3

This is the premium replacement aftermarket bottom (center) roller known as part number RB511-21700 and RB511-21702. We guarantee a perfect fit for the following Kubota mini excavators:

  • Kubota KX 91-3
  • Kubota KX 91-3 Super Series
  • Kubota KX 71-3
  • Kubota KX 71-3 Super Series
  • Kubota U 30-3
  • Kubota U25
  • Kubota U25S
  • Kubota U35
  • Kubota U35-3 (This does not fit the U35-4 model; please verify)

Our rollers are backed by the factory with a standard warranty for guaranteed quality. These Kubota track rollers do not come with installation hardware so keep the bolts when you remove the previous rollers.

We now stock the steel track version of these rollers so please indicate if you are running steel tracks on your mini excavator.

The bolt sizing is different for the U35-4 models so this roller is not guaranteed to fit that series.

Alternate Part Number: RB511-21700

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