Kubota KX 71-3 KX 91-3 U-35 Sprockets

SKU: RC417-14430
Weight: 17 lbs
Buy Kubota KX 71-3, KX 91-3, U25, U35 replacement sprockets online at Rubbertrax and save money on your maintenance budget. The price listed includes free shipping when you check out online.
Price: $220.00
RC417-14430 Kubota Sprocket
Kubota KX 71-3 KX 91-3 U-35 Sprockets
Product Details

This is the premium replacement aftermarket sprocket for the following Kubota mini excavators:

  • Kubota KX 71-3
  • Kubota KX 91-3
  • Kubota KX 033-4 (RC788-14430)
  • Kubota U-25 Serial Numbers: 20001 to 25293 (the newer serial numbers require part number RB511-14432)
  • Kubota U-35

Sprocket specifications:

  • 21 Teeth
  • 9 Bolt Holes
  • Inside Diameter: 7 3/8 Inches
  • Outside Diameter: 14 1/8 Inches
  • Width at Base of Tooth: 1 3/16 Inches

You can reuse your original hardware to tighten the sprocket down to the drive motor but be careful not to over torque the nuts. Refer to your owner or maintenance manual for installation details.

Alternate Part Number:
Kubota dealer part number: RC417-14430, RC788-14430

Alternate Models: Kubota: KX 71-3, KX 91-3, U25 (certain serials), U35

Alternate Part: There are no known alternate part listings for these Kubota mini excavators, this sprocket is guaranteed to fit.

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