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Kubota KX 121-3 Lower Track Roller

SKU: RD118-21700
Weight: 18 lbs 6 ozs
Buy Kubota KX 121-3 lower track rollers online at Rubbertrax. Replace all of your worn track rollers at the same time to minimize wear on the undercarriage and maximize the lifespan of the rollers. Bundled discounts are available with combo pricing for replacing a majority of the undercarriage at the same time.
Price: $250.00
Kubota RD118-21700 Roller
Kubota KX 121-3 Lower Track Roller
Product Details

This is the replacement aftermarket bottom (center) roller for the Kubota KX 121-3, KX 121-3SS, KX 121-3ST, and Kubota KX 040-4 mini excavators. Take advantage of huge savings versus purchasing through your original Kubota equipment dealer.

This bottom roller is also known as RD148-21700.

The bottom rollers support and guide the machine on the track and carry the weight of the machine while it is traveling or digging.

This roller fits the following models:
  • KX 121-3
  • KX 121-3 SS
  • KX 121-3ST
  • KX 040-4


We now stock the steel track version of these rollers so please indicate if you are running steel tracks on your mini excavator.

Alternate Part Number: Kubota dealer part number: RD118-21700, RD148-21700
Alternate Model:
The RD118-21700 roller is known to fit the Kubota KX040-4 models in addition to the KX121-3.
Alternate Part:
There are no known alternate part listings for the KX121-3 mini excavator, this track roller is guaranteed to fit.