John Deere 17D 17G Idler 9312918

SKU: 9312918
Weight: 26 lbs
This is the aftermarket idler for the John Deere 17D and 17G series mini excavator. Buy online or give us a call and save money versus going to the local dealer.
Price: $335.00
9312918 Deere 17D Idler
John Deere 17D 17G Idler 9312918
Product Details

This is the premium aftermarket idler for the following mini excavator models:

  • John Deere 17D
  • John Deere 17G
  • John Deere 17ZTS
  • Hitachi ZX 17U-5N
The idler guides the track in and out of the track rollers to control slack and tension.

The idler comes fully assembled and read to install on the tensioner. The idler is shipped as pictured here and the tensioner is not included.

Alternate Part Number:
John Deere dealer part number: 9312918, 9312919, 9134484

Alternate Models:
John Deere: 17D, 17G
Hitachi Models: ZX 17U-5N

Alternate Part: There are no known alternate part listings. This idler is guaranteed to fit.

John Deere 17D and 17G Undercarriage

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