JCB 8025 8035 Sprocket Idler

SKU: 233/26603
Weight: 39 lbs
We stock the JCB 8025 and 8035 replacement sprocket idler online at Pentom Supply! Shop with us to save time and money! This is original part number 233/26603 from your JCB dealer. It does not include the bearing.
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No Longer Available
233-26603 JCB Sprocket Idler
JCB 8025 8035 Sprocket Idler
Product Details

This is the replacement aftermarket sprocket idler for the JCB 8025 and 8035 mini excavators. This idler sprocket requires a bearing which is not included. 

This part fits the following models:

  • 8025 ZTS
  • 8025 ZTS LC
  • 8030 ZTS
  • 8035 ZTS


The unique design of these JCB mini excavators has sprockets at both ends of the machine. One sprocket is bolted to the drive motor, however this sprocket idler is a combination of a bearing driven idler wheel and a sprocket with drive teeth. We do not currently offer the bearing for this sprocket idler. Please note there are two different types of bolt-on sprockets for this series in addition to this sprocket idler. The 233/21201 (9 bolt) and 331/56572 (12 bolt) are the other versions of the sprocket located on the opposite end of the machine.

We also carry the top roller, bottom roller, and sprocket for these models.

Alternate Part Number:
JCB dealer part number: 233/26603

Alternate Models:
JCB: 8025 ZTS, 8025 ZTS LC, 8030 ZTS, 8035 ZTS

Alternate Part: There are no known alternate part listings. This sprocket idler is guaranteed to fit.

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