JCB 150T 150TR 205T Drive Sprocket

SKU: 332/X6779
Weight: 76 lbs
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Price: $499.99
JCB 150T Sprockets
JCB 150T 150TR 205T Drive Sprocket
Product Details

This is the aftermarket drive sprocket for the following JCB compact track loaders:

  • 150T
  • 150TR
  • 205T
Sprocket Specs:
  • 12 Bolt Holes
  • 17 Teeth

Remember it is always suggested to change drive sprockets at the same time you change your rubber tracks to maximize the lifespan of the tracks. Otherwise you may have uneven wear and cause accelerated wear among both the sprocket and the track. 

Evaluate all of your undercarriage parts for repair because this is a heavy sprocket that likely has to ship on truck freight so ordering all the parts you need at one time saves a lot on shipping and dealing with multiple shipments.


Alternate Part Number:
JCB dealer part number: 332/X6779, LK618

Alternate Models:
JCB: 150T, 150TR, 205T

Alternate Part: There are no known alternate part listings. This sprocket is guaranteed to fit.