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Hitachi Rubber Track Ex40 Ex50

Weight: 604 lbs
Buy rubber tracks for Hitachi mini excavators online and save with Rubbertrax. Save maintenance costs buying the highest quality aftermarket parts online and save on labor with this DIY rubber track installation. Rubber tracks and undercarriage parts come with free shipping when you place your order online and ship to a commercial address. *Restrictions Apply
Price: $2,580.00
Hitachi EX40 EX 50
Hitachi Rubber Track Ex40 Ex50
Product Details

This aftermarket rubber track is designed for Hitachi mini excavators. This track is sixteen inches (400 mm) wide with seventy two metal embedded links down the center where the sprocket rotates. This rubber track comes with a twelve month pro-rated warranty against manufacturer defect. Rubbertrax guarantees the fit for your machine.

This rubber track fits:

  • Hitachi EX-40
  • Hitachi EX 40U
  • Hitachi EX 45
  • Hitachi EX45-2
  • Hitachi EX 50
  • Hitachi EX 50U
  • Hitachi EX 50URG
  • Hitachi EX 55UR
  • Hitachi EX 55URG
  • Hitachi Zaxis 40
  • Hitachi Zaxis 50
  • Hitachi Zaxis 50u
  • Hitachi Zaxis 55u

We stand behind all of our products at Rubbertrax and we offer the highest quality replacement parts available. Our tracks are made at the most technologically advanced factories using the most optimal, cut-resistant rubber compounds to provide long standing value in our aftermarket parts line.