Complete Aftermarket Replacement Undercarriage Bobcat T300 --WITH TRACKS

Weight: 2380 lbs
Buy the complete undercarriage parts replacement kit for the Bobcat® T-200, T-300, T-320, T-250 and 864. This is designed for undercarriages using the new drive motor with the wider sprocket option. Standard original width rubber tracks are included in this kit.
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Complete Aftermarket Replacement Undercarriage Bobcat T300 --WITH TRACKS
Complete Aftermarket Replacement Undercarriage Bobcat T300 --WITH TRACKS
Product Details

Undercarriage parts are designed to wear together so replacing the entire undercarriage at one time will save you more by purchasing in bulk, but it will also increase the lifespan of your tracks. The tracks are the most expensive part of the undercarriage so maximizing the lifespan of the tracks leads to long term savings. This is the complete aftermarket replacement undercarriage parts and tracks kit for the following Bobcat® models:

  • Bobcat T200
  • Bobcat T250
  • Bobcat T300
  • Bobcat T320
  • Bobcat T750
  • Bobcat T770
  • Bobcat 864

If you aren't doing machine maintenance on a regular basis then this stuff is confusing. Just give us a call with all the information you have and we'll get it sorted out for you. This package includes all of the parts for both sides of the machine and rubber tracks including:

  • (2) 7107787 Deep Dish Sprockets or 6715821 Shallow (Please verify that you have 6 bolt holes- there is an 8 bolt option under part number 7196807)
  • (2) 6732902 Front Idlers
  • (2) 6732903 Rear Idlers
  • (10) 6732901 Bottom Rollers (we carry the older stud/nut style roller as well as the bolt style; please specify)
  • (2) MEPC-0506 Rubber Tracks (18 inch wide, staggered block tread)

This kit comes with ten bottom rollers but some machines require only eight rollers so please call if your machine has eight rollers.

Bobat T300 Rubber Track Bobcat T300 Drive Sprocket 7107787
Bobcat Front Idler 6732902 Bobcat Bottom Track Rollers 6732901 bobcat t300 idler 6732903