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Bobcat® CTL Rollers

SKU: 6732901AM
Weight: 51 lbs
Buy replacement aftermarket bottom roller 6732901AM commonly known to fit Bobcat® track loaders: T140 T180 T190 T200 T300 T320 T250 T630 T650 T730 T770 and 864 online at Rubbertrax. This part has been superseded by the new bolt- on version 6689371AM. The price listed includes FREE shipping to your commercial address when you check out online.
Price: $445.00
Bobcat CTL Track Rollers with Nut
Bobcat® CTL Rollers
Bobcat CTL Track Rollers with Nut
Bobcat® CTL Rollers
Bobcat CTL Track Rollers with Nut
Bobcat® CTL Rollers
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Product Details

This is the aftermarket replacement bottom (center) roller for a Bobcat® compact track loaders. This is also commonly known as part number 6689371 and 6686632. This part number is the older post and nut part number but we have a newer bolt-style roller that has replaced it. We still stock the older post/nut installation type for those with older generation models. You can also view the bolt style bottom roller listing as well. Evaluate all of your rollers during routine inspections and replace all of the failing rollers at the same time to be more efficient and to maximize the lifespan of the undercarriage.

The newer models have several undercarriage series types and optional suspension types which now have a variety of roller types so please be certain you are ordering the correct part number for your machine prior to ordering online.

This roller commonly fits the following models:

  • Bobcat T140
  • Bobcat T180
  • Bobcat T190
  • Bobcat T200
  • Bobcat T250
  • Bobcat T300
  • Bobcat T320
  • Bobcat T630 Use the Bolt Style Install
  • Bobcat T650 (verify that you have a solid mount undercarriage, this does not work for the suspension mount systems)
  • Bobcat T730 Use the Bolt Style Install
  • Bobcat T770 Use the Bolt Style Install (verify your serial number specific and suspension specific roller option prior to ordering)
  • Bobcat 864

Bobcat Roller 6732901Older Bobcat T190 models have three bottom track rollers per side, while newer models have four rollers per side so double check your machine prior to ordering. It is always best to replace the rear idler and the bottom roller to the rear of the machine at the same time. When the T190 loader drives without a load in the bucket the weight of the machine is on the rear idler and the bottom rollers that are towards the back of the machine so the wear on the back rollers are at a faster pace than the front rollers.


Alternate Part Number: Alternate part number 6732901-BOLT, Dealer part number: 6689371 and 6686632

Alternate Part Style:
We also carry the newer version of the bolt-type roller that replaces the original nut installation version. The bolt style bottom roller is also available on our website.

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